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My name is Justin Brown. I am a Junior Telecommunications major at Ball State University with a specialization in Video Production. I am an outgoing person looking to always learn new things. I am flexible with many different tasks and can learn new ones fast. I like meeting new people and enjoy making connections with those around me. I plan to pursue a career in the production field. I am open to it being any type of production; film, news, commercial, etc. I am also willing to take on any job on set;video, sound, lighting, grip, PA, etc. I love the environment of production and look foward to working along side others to bring safe and entertaining productions to the media world.

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Spelunking is a hobby where I go to unexplored caves and go into them. During this I have to use ropes and clamps to explore deep holes and large open rooms. Many times throughout the exploration the gaps can get tighter than my body. I get through them by squeezing in my gut and moving slowly. I really like exploring caves because I love the wonders that the world has beneath the surface.


Longboaring is a great hobby fro fun and relaxation. It takes some time getting used to but is a great activity on a bright sunny summer day. The best thing about longboarding is feeling the wind on your face and the speed under your feet.

  Driving buses is not only my job but it is a hobby. I enjoy driving because I feel like I have a sense of freedom and control. It is nice to rela and drive. I also get to know my passengers and they are appreciative of my service.